Forest to cup. Soil to soul.


Pure science and honest extracts. From start to finish. (No pun intended. We swear.)

Mushrooms. The little wonders from the forest underground. A life enhanced with them can lead to being more creative, less stressed, and more connected to the world around you. So you can strengthen your network. With people. And within nature.

Our teas are made with mushrooms whose benefits have been known for centuries, and we’re still tapping into how we can all benefit from them. Our mycologists are mushroom savants who take pride in not only researching and growing the cleanest mushrooms, and doing so with respect to the land, with traceability, and with heart. We research, grow, and harvest mushroom innovations from two of the purest locations — Finland and China. Mushrooms essentially are what they eat. And since our farms have some of the cleanest water, forest and air ever measured, well, you can guess what that means — the world’s purest, potent, premium mushrooms on the planet.

All of our ingredients are intentional and deeply studied to work in harmony so you can live in harmony with the world around you.