From the magical foothills of Fujian province

Born under consistent rains, DIRTEA is carefully hand-crafted in the forested foothills in the centre of ancient mushroom culture. 

Our hand-crafted mushroom extract powders come from a family who has spent over six lifetimes perfecting their craft.

Based in the heart of beautiful Fujian, these family farms are nestled in the hardwood forests, lovingly known as “The World Capital of Mushrooms.” 

How It All Happens
Nature is complex. And delicious.

The mushrooms we use for our drinks are the cleanest, most potent functional mushrooms around. Here’s how they go from forest to cup.

1. From the forests
We forage the forest in search of mushrooms that we use most for our drinks — chaga, lions mane, cordyceps and reishi. Sometimes we get lucky and find a surprise along the way that we’ll do new studies on, but for DIRTEA we stick to these four.

2. Back at the lab
After harvesting, they’re isolated on birch sawdust sourced from clean Fujian organic certified forests. Mushrooms are fragile and needy (but we’re okay with that), so we grow them in carefully regulated conditions to produce the most vital fruiting bodies. The fruiting body is the most potent part of the mushroom, and only fruiting bodies are used in our extracts.

3. Quality is key
Quality control for indoor growing includes testing the raw materials for contamination, maintaining controlled growing conditions (specific temperature, humidity, Co₂/O₂ and light), and inspection for contamination during harvesting. This is to make sure that what we’re growing is potent and up to our standards.

4. Drying and grinding
The mushroom fruiting bodies are placed into a dryer at a low temperature of 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) to ensure preservation of the right compounds of interest (aka the good stuff). The mushrooms are then processed through a coarse grinder to prepare for extraction.

5. Extraction
The ground mushrooms are placed into the extraction machine that extracts the compounds we’re looking for. We use a cocktail of purified spring water and hot alcohol (yum?) in conjunction with ultrasonic cavitation to obtain the best results.

6. Concentration
After extraction, the extract liquid is moved into a tank where the liquid will be condensed and prepped to turn into a powder. The concentration is then spray dried with hot air to remove moisture, turning everything into a fine mushroom extract powder.

7. Quality Control
Yet again, some more quality control. Samples are sent to 3rd parties for quality control to make sure everything is as planned. We’re a bit OCD and we like it that way.

8. To your cup
Our drinks are packaged in the UK and shipped and sold, then enjoyed by you.