Our Story

We have always lived a healthy and active lifestyle, finding ways to improve our wellbeing whilst balancing work, travel and play. Living busy hectic lives, a few years back we started to experience a lack of energy, inconsistent sleep, often feeling anxious and stressed. 

There are lots of natural products out there that focus on the body and health, but not much that feeds the mind. In 2016 we searched for better ways to stay balanced, connected and healthy, which is when we discovered mushroom tea ceremonies. 

After learning from the world’s best mycologist and foragers around, we discovered that drinking mushrooms can be an extremely transformative experience. One that’s parallel to the cyclical nature of mushrooms themselves — the better you feed your soil, the better you grow, the better you feel, and back again. 

We fell in love with mushrooms. We drank them in the morning, at work, at the gym, before bed, and over time, we began to feel more energised, more focused and clear minded and able to sleep better as well. 

It was then we made it our mission to seek out and partner with the best mushroom farmers to grow and extract the world’s purest and most potent functional mushroom extract powders. Now we can share the amazing benefits we’ve received from these mushrooms with you! 

Through DIRTEA we’re championing a different type of wellness that doesn’t revolve around diets, fads, or expensive clubs. Our goal is for you to live the DIRTEA experience as part of your daily routine, so you can feel healthier, calm, focused and energised everyday. 

Welcome to the DIRTEA world.