Why Mushrooms?


Honestly, because without them, we would all cease to exist!

They are quite literally old as dirt and a crucial part of the ecosystem. They’ve been around for as long as we know, and people have always been fascinated by them. For centuries, all different cultures have experienced the unexpected magic of functional mushrooms.

Their story began about 1.3 billion years ago. They were the earliest life form to come from the sea to the dry land. What’s remarkable is… we humans share an evolutionary history with them. We come from the same kingdom as mushrooms, so we are actually a lot closer to mushrooms than plants. It is said that we share approximately 54% of our DNA with mushrooms. They even breathe like us and produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

You may be asking, where are they? They are everywhere! Fungi make up 25% of the world's biomass. With every breath we take, we inhale mushroom spores, i.e. seeds of mushrooms.

Without fungi, there would be no trees (they can’t grow without them), and many antibiotics would be nonexistent (some antibiotics are derived from Fungi).

There are 1000s of different mushroom species, but only a few hold the title of functional. And that is where DIRTEA mushrooms come to play! Enhancing your day with these little wonders from the forest underground can give you natural energy and lead to being more creative, relaxed and more connected to the world around you so you can strengthen your network — with people and within nature. Why mushrooms, you asked… why not mushrooms?