Boost your Workout, Naturally – The Power of DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies

Meet the Mushrooms

Are you frustrated with pre-workout supplements that taste like chalk and leave you bouncing off the walls one minute and crashing the next? In the ever-evolving landscape of fitness and wellness, the search for the perfect pre-workout supplement continues. While many products flood the market with promises of energy boosts and enhanced performance, few stand out for their natural ingredients and effective results.

An article in suggests that a significant risk with pre-workout supplements is that they may contain ingredients not listed on the label, including illegal substances with known health risks.(1)  Additionally, a 2021 study examining 30 different commercially available sports supplements revealed that over one-third contained traces of anabolic steroids.(2)

But fear not! Introducing the best natural pre-workout, DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies, a game-changer in the realm of fitness and supplementation. In this article, we'll explore why these gummies are the go-to choice for sports enthusiasts seeking a natural and potent boost before hitting the gym or the trails.

What are Cordyceps Gummies? 

DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies are infused with Cordyceps extract and offer an unbelievable taste profile that naturally boosts your energy. Who says pre-workout fuel has to taste bland or medicinal? With DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies, you'll enjoy a burst of juicy Mixed Berries flavour in every bite. Made with natural fruit flavours and 0g sugar, these gummies are a treat for your taste buds.

Cordyceps have long been revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their adaptogenic properties, which aid in endurance, energy levels, and overall vitality.(3) They were also historically used to boost sexual performance in men and women. These gummies provide a high dosage of Cordyceps mushroom extract, offering a convenient and delicious way to incorporate this powerful ingredient into your fitness routine.


DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies spilling out of the packaging onto a table



Packed Full of Vitamins

DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies are packed full of Vitamins C, B5, and B3. Here’s how these vitamins contribute to your overall health and fitness:

  • Vitamin C: Vital for boosting the immune system, promoting skin health, and supporting heart health.
  • Vitamin B5: Plays a crucial role in fostering the production of blood cells and converting nutrients from food into usable energy.
  • Vitamin B3: Essential for energy production and helps diminish feelings of tiredness and fatigue.


  Cordyceps Mushroom

Natural Energy Boost

Unlike synthetic pre-workout supplements loaded with caffeine and artificial stimulants, DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies harness the natural energy-boosting properties of cordyceps. This mushroom contains a unique compound called Cordycepin, which enhances vitality and vigour. Coupled with the B vitamins, it supports workout fatigue. Bid farewell to jitters and crashes associated with traditional pre-workout formulas and hello to sustained, natural energy that powers you through your exercise session. Cordyceps is rapidly gaining popularity among athletes and fitness enthusiasts for its purported ability to support exercise performance and recovery.


Quality - Natural Ingredients, No Fillers

At DIRTEA, quality is our top priority. We are committed to providing supplements that are not only effective but also safe and clean. Here’s what sets DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies apart from the competition:

  • Transparent Sourcing: We source our Cordyceps from reputable suppliers who adhere to strict quality control standards. This ensures that you receive a pure and potent product every time.
  • Clean Ingredients: Our gummies are made with natural fruit flavours, pectin from citrus fruits, and include no added sugars, artificial flavours or colours. This clean formulation means you get the benefits of Cordyceps without any unwanted extras.
  • Vegan and Gluten-Free: DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies are suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions, making them an inclusive option for health-conscious consumers.
  • Rigorous Testing: Each batch of our gummies undergoes rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high standards for potency and purity. We believe in transparency and provide detailed information about our ingredients and sourcing practices.


Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness

In addition to our commitment to quality, DIRTEA is dedicated to sustainability. We understand the importance of protecting our planet and strive to minimise our environmental footprint. Our packaging is eco-friendly, using recyclable cardboard for the outer container and a Natural Flex wood-pulp protective sealed bag which is compostable.

The Science behind Cordyceps

Cordyceps has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, particularly in East Asia. The two main species used in supplements are Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris. We use both at DIRTEA. For our pure powder and super blends, we use Cordyceps militaris. For our DIRTEA Gummies, we use sinensis.
Cordyceps have a long history of use in boosting energy, stamina, and overall health. They contain several bioactive compounds, including nucleosides (e.g., adenosine and cordycepin), polysaccharides, sterols, and cyclic peptides. These compounds are believed to contribute to the health benefits associated with Cordyceps, such as enhancing athletic performance, and boosting the immune system.

How does Cordyceps Enhance Athletic Performance?

One of the primary reasons Cordyceps is popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts is its potential to enhance athletic performance. Research suggests that Cordyceps improves the way the body uses oxygen, particularly during exercise. 
A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that Cordyceps supplementation significantly improved exercise performance in older adults.(4) Another study in HHS Author Manuscript reported that acute supplementation with a Cordyceps militaris mushroom blend may enhance tolerance to high-intensity exercise, with even greater benefits potentially achieved through consistent, long-term use.(5)

Cordyceps and Recovery

Not only does Cordyceps improve performance during exercise, but it also plays a crucial role in recovery. The adaptogenic properties of Cordyceps help the body adapt to stress and reduce the physical and mental toll of intense workouts. This means faster recovery times, less muscle soreness, and better overall workout experiences.

Incorporating DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies into your post-workout routine can help alleviate fatigue and enhance muscle recovery, allowing you to get back to your training regimen more quickly and with less discomfort.


How to Incorporate DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies into Your Sports Routine

Girl in activewear holding the DIRTEA Cordyceps packaging, and lifting one of the gummies out of the tub.


Integrating DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies into your sports routine is effortless and rewarding. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your new pre-workout companion:

  1. Pre-Workout Boost: Take two gummies about 30 minutes before your workout. This timing allows the Cordyceps and vitamins to kick in, providing you with the natural energy boost you need to maximise your performance.
  2. Post-Workout Recovery: The adaptogenic properties of Cordyceps can also support recovery. If you prefer using the gummies for this purpose, take a serving after your workout to enhance endurance and alleviate fatigue.
  3. On-the-Go Energy: DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies are perfect for a quick energy boost whenever needed. They are convenient, you can keep them in your gym bag, desk drawer, or car for an easy, delicious way to stay energised throughout the day.

Real-Life Success Stories

Our customers’ success stories speak volumes about the effectiveness of DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies. Here are a few testimonials from satisfied users:

"Since I started using DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies, my energy levels have been incredible. I no longer feel exhausted after my workouts, and my recovery time has improved dramatically." – Emma R.

"As someone who’s sensitive to caffeine, DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies are a game-changer. They give me the energy boost I need without any of the unpleasant side effects."- Lila S. 

"I was sceptical at first, but these gummies have exceeded my expectations. They taste great, and I’ve noticed a real difference in my stamina and performance."- Mark D.


The Future of Natural Pre-Workout Supplements

The demand for natural, clean supplements is on the rise, and DIRTEA is at the forefront of this movement. As more people become aware of the benefits of natural ingredients and the potential risks of synthetic additives, the market for products like DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies is expected to grow.

We are committed to staying ahead of the curve by continuously improving our formulations and expanding our product line. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive range of natural supplements that support various aspects of health and wellness, helping you achieve your fitness goals in a safe and sustainable way.

Stack of DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies packaging

DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies provide a natural, effective, and convenient pre-workout solution. Packed with powerful ingredients and vitamins, these gummies offer sustained energy and enhanced performance without the crashes and jitters associated with traditional pre-workout supplements. Try them out and experience the difference for yourself!


How should I take DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies?
For a pre-workout boost, take two gummies approximately 30 minutes before your workout. If you prefer to use the gummies for post-workout recovery or on-the-go energy, simply take a serving as needed.

What benefits do DIRTEA Corydceps Gummies offer?
These gummies provide a natural and effective solution for pre-workout energy. Packed with powerful ingredients and vitamins, they offer sustained energy and enhanced performance and can also support recovery.

Can I use DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies for on-the-go energy?
Absolutely! These gummies are perfect for a quick energy boost whenever you need it. You can conveniently keep them in your gym bag, desk drawer, or car to stay energised throughout the day.

Are there any side effects or crashes associated with DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies?
No, these gummies are formulated to provide sustained energy without any crashes or jitters. They are designed to give you the natural energy boost you need without unwanted side effects.

Can DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies be consumed by children or pregnant women?
Please consult with a healthcare professional before giving them to children or if you are pregnant. They will be able to provide personalised guidance based on individual circumstances.

How often should I take DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies?
The recommended dosage is two gummies per day.

Can DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies be taken with other supplements or medications?
It is generally safe to take the gummies alongside other supplements or medications. However, to ensure compatibility and avoid any potential interactions, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional. They will provide personalised advice based on your specific dietary and medicinal needs.

How long does it take to feel the effects of DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies?
Many users report feeling an energy boost within 30 minutes of taking the gummies. However, consistent use over a few weeks can help maximise the adaptogenic benefits and improve overall performance and recovery.

Are DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies suitable for vegans?
Yes, DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies are vegan-friendly. We use pectin derived from citrus fruits as a gelling agent instead of gelatin, making them suitable for those following a vegan diet.

How often should I take DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies?
The recommended dosage is two gummies per day.

Can I take DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies on an empty stomach?
Yes, you can take DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies on an empty stomach. However, if you have a sensitive stomach, you might find it more comfortable to take them with a light snack.

Are there any allergens in DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies?
DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies are free from common allergens such as gluten, dairy, and soy. They are also free from artificial additives and preservatives. 

How should I store DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies?
Store your DIRTEA Cordyceps Gummies in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Keeping them in a sealed container will help maintain their freshness and potency.



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