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Introducing DIRTEA Reishi

Aaaand, calm. The Reishi mushroom is one of nature’s most soothing little wonders, famous for its destressing qualities and the perfect drink for bedtime with its sleep-promoting effects. Let’s unearth the goodness of these little guys some more. 

Smooth and soothing DIRTEA Reishi

Traditionally used to tackle insomnia, DIRTEA Reishi is a gift for the modern times we live in. With so many of us understanding the importance of sleep as well as a peaceful mindset during our waking hours the calming and restorative properties of this powerful mushroom can’t be denied. From grounding to strengthening, the benefits are boundless.

DIRTEA Reishi benefits

Drink DIRTEA Reishi daily and get ready to reap the rewards:

Reishi for calm

Known for its calming qualities, a cup of DIRTEA Reishi can help you feel more grounded and find your centre — so you can reach a natural state of peacefulness and ease. Try a spoonful in your morning smoothie or a comforting, hot mushroom tea before bed to start and end the day in the most wholesome way. Think of it as a guided meditation in a mug. 

Reishi for de-stressing

In a world that only seems to be getting faster and busier, DIRTEA Reishi is here to remind you that there’s another way. In fact, more and more people are reaching for this particular mushroom tea for its deeply de-stressing properties as they reject the pace of life and excessive productivity previously expected of them. It’s also hailed for easing low mood and alleviating anxiety helping you wind down and get a much-deserved peaceful night’s sleep. 

Reishi for immunity

While it’s known for its calming qualities, make no mistake about it, DIRTEA Reishi is a fighter, too. This mushroom tea strengthens and enhances your immune system by providing excellent support to your liver and helping to remove harmful toxins from your body, while reducing inflammation. That’s one awesome mushroom. 

It’s a no-brainer, really. This ancient remedy couldn’t be more needed in these busy, modern times. Give your immune system a powerful boost and your mind a much-needed rest with DIRTEA Reishi. Order a tub, explore recipes and don’t forget to share your journey with #dirteaworld and @dirteaworld