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We are brothers who fell in love with fungi and decided to front a mushroom revolution. 

There’s no doubt about it: our lives changed when we discovered the transformative powers of mushrooms back in 2016. We haven’t looked back since, digging deep to create the DIRTEA world you see today. More than a brand, but a lifestyle that’s attainable for anyone who’s as fascinated by fungi as we are. Mushrooms are our obsession and we’re here to share the knowledge. 

Of course, it took years of learning and exploring to become the mushroom masters we are today. From searching for the very best farms and foragers to partner with, to understanding the unique benefits of all kinds of different mushrooms, we’ve studied hard to develop a holistic understanding of the benefits - not just on an individual basis, but on the world. 

As the mushroom movement begins to go mainstream, more brands will appear on your radar as you search for the perfect Reishi for a good night’s sleep or the most potent Cordyceps for a powerful start to the day. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the most pure and potent mushroom from forest to cup. When you brew or blitz a DIRTEA recipe, you’re not just making a drink, you’re stepping into a world we took great care to nurture and share. 

Of course, there’s more work to do. The world might be opening its eyes to the transformative powers of mushrooms, but there’s still a lot of mycophobia (the fear of fungi) out there.

So part of our ongoing story is to destigmatise these incredible gifts from nature. Helping more people to see that when they become a part of your day-to-day life, the benefits are next level. 

They’re calming. Energising. Mood-boosting. Libido-lifting. They can dial in your focus while expanding your creativity. They’re waiting to be discovered - and we’re privileged to be the brothers behind your first brew. 

So, you want to get on a route to a happier, healthier, more connected life? It all starts with a cup.

Welcome to our DIRTEA world. 

We hope you're as inspired by these little guys as we are.

Simon and Andrew are respected speakers who have introduced audiences to the world of fungi and functional mushrooms at events including Meta Connect, BoF Voices, Russell Brand’s Community and Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place, in addition to running mushroom workshops for companies including Stella McCartney and Publicis.

For rates, availability and more information, please get in touch regarding the proposed event at events@dirteaworld.com

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