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Introducing DIRTEA Lion’s Mane

We’ll admit it: of all our DIRTEA varieties, Lion’s Mane takes the title of best name. A nod to the fungi’s clusters of “fur”, this mushroom is as fiercely powerful as its namesake, the king of the jungle. Below, we break down the benefits of DIRTEA Lion’s Mane we’re confident you’ll feel undefeatable with this drink in your daily routine. 

Fiercely powerful DIRTEA Lion’s Mane

We’ve worked with the finest mushroom farmers to forage out this exceptional mushroom, known in the science world for stimulating the growth of brain cells and improving cognitive function amongst other fantastic benefits. Below, we unearth our big three reasons for adding a scoop of our Lion’s Mane mushroom goodness to your drink of choice. 

DIRTEA Lion’s Mane benefits

Drink DIRTEA Lion’s Mane daily and get ready to reap the rewards:

Lion’s Mane for focus

We like to think of DIRTEA Lion’s Mane as a morning shower for your brain. Add this powerful little fella to your coffee or shake, or drink straight with hot water, and give your mind the best start to the day possible. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, our Lion’s Mane will leave you feeling sharp and focused, giving you the kind of clarity you crave to take on the day with a clean slate. We’ll roar for that. 

Lion’s Mane for memory

Let’s just say if you’re sitting an exam, a scoop of DIRTEA Lion’s Mane in your morning coffee is not going to hurt. Known for maintaining and regenerating the brain cells, it essentially helps your mind remain resilient to ageing and stress which manifests in ways like memory loss. Helping to repair nerve damage, research has also found that this incredibly fierce fungi may protect against dementia and reduce mild symptoms of anxiety and depression. Think of it as a warm cup of mindfulness. 

Lion’s Mane for digestion

The wellness world can’t get enough of gut health. If the phenomenon has reached you too, we suggest you reach for our DIRTEA Lion’s Mane. With its super strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune-boosting abilities, this mushroom provides incredible support to your digestive health and has even been said to lower the risk of stomach ulcers, too. 

So, have you got hearts in your eyes for our Lion’s Mane? You’re not alone our growing communitea can’t get enough of this cleansing, memory-boosting, gut-protecting powerhouse. Order a tin in our store and give your brain and digestion the spa day it deserves. Don’t be shy either: show us some Lion’s Mane love @dirteaworld


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